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The drafting of contracts is one of the most important forms of legal drafting, as the contract generates mutual obligations between the two parties. to the laws regulating it. The correct legal contract drafting in Jeddah is required and must be done through a legal contract drafting lawyer in Jeddah.

The contract: is an agreement between two parties, one of whom is called the first party and the other is called the second party, and often the first party is the initiator of the contract, that is, he is the one who makes the offer, and the second party is the one who responds to the first party’s offer with acceptance, so the agreement between the two parties is made on the basis of an offer and acceptance. Each of them, so that the contract is drafted according to the contractors’ vision on the one hand and within the model templates of the contract to be concluded.

Here comes the importance of legally drafting the contract, as the legal drafting plays an important role in clearly stating the contractual terms and the contractual obligations of both parties in a way that does not lead to the slightest dispute in the future.

When you conclude a contract of any kind, you will be careful not to lead you to reach the courts, file lawsuits, object to judgments, and other consequences, which means prolonging the conflict before the courts may lead to the loss of your rights or their value.

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Returning to the legal formulation of contracts, they must include the following data:

  1. The names of the parties to the contract with their detailed addresses.
  2. Introduction to the contract that shows the basic purpose of the contract.
  3. Duration of the contract.
  4. Mutual obligations between the two parties.
  5. Rights of both parties.
  6. Penal supports for violating the terms of the contract.
  7. How to resolve disputes arising from the contract, is it by arbitration or by resorting to the judiciary.
  8. What are the laws and regulations governing the contract. Signature of the parties.

Therefore, this formulation must be carried out by a legal contract drafting lawyer in Jeddah, who clarifies the obligations of the parties in an explicit legal manner, and sets the necessary contractual conditions to ensure the continuity of the implementation of the contract and the absence of disputes between the parties that lead them to arbitration or the role of the judiciary.

Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations in Jeddah includes a contract drafting attorney in Jeddah who is ready to provide you with the necessary assistance in drafting the contracts you wish to conclude, whatever their type.

In this article, we will talk about the most important services provided by Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations in Jeddah, in drafting contracts in all its forms, which are:

Contract drafting attorney

The work contract is regulated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the labor system issued by Royal Decree No. M/26 for the year 1426 AH, and its texts came in the articles from Article /50/ to Article /60/ thereof. These procedures are necessary for concluding the work contract, which are:

  • An employment contract is concluded between the worker and the employer, so that the worker works under the supervision of the employer for a certain wage.
  • The employment contract must be written in two copies, one copy for each party.
  • The worker shall be subject to a trial period not exceeding ninety days.
  • A standard form of the employment contract has been drawn up by the Ministry of Labor, and it must include the following basic data:
    – The name and address of the employer.
    – The worker’s name, nationality and address.
    – Duration of the contract.
    The agreed fee.
    – The type of work, its location and the date of commencement of work.

And you are in this case if you are a worker and want to conclude an employment contract with an employer, or if you are a business owner and need To enter into contracts with workers who will work for you, you will not be able to familiarize yourself with all the legal aspects involved Drafting the contract.

Therefore, we advise you, if you are in the city of Jeddah, to contact Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultation, and ask for a contract drafting lawyer in Jeddah to assist you in this, as it includes a selection of lawyers specialized in drafting work contracts in accordance with the enforceable Saudi labor system.

Drafting services for company incorporation contracts

The Memorandum of Association of companies is the basic contract concluded between the partners at the time of the establishment of the company, as it is the birth certificate of the company.

The company’s articles of incorporation are the legal origin of any company. In it, the partners agree on the type of company, the extent of the partners’ obligations in it, how to manage it, their powers and responsibilities, how to distribute the company’s profits, capital and term, and how to terminate and liquidate the company.

In fact, the Saudi Companies Law issued by Royal Decree No. 3/ of 1437 AH, clarified the forms of companies and divided them into:

  • Solidarity Company.
  • Simple recommendation company.
  • joint venture companies.
  • joint stock companies.
  • Limited Liability Company.

He also clarified how to establish each of those companies, the legal conditions required for that incorporation, and how the company was declared and registered in the companies’ register.

need a corporate lawyer who is an expert in drafting contracts of incorporation of companies, and we tell you with confidence:

We have a contract drafting lawyer in Jeddah who specializes in all these contracts from Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations, we have experts in company incorporation contracts.

Drafting contracting contracts

We can define a contracting contract as: a contract between two parties under which one of them, called the contractor, undertakes to make something or perform work for the other party in return for a certain wage.

Here the contractor may provide materials and work, or only work and the party is on the other to secure the materials, and the essence of the difference between the contracting contract and the work contract is that the contractor in the contracting contract works according to his free will, while the worker in the work contract works under the control, supervision and directions of the employer.

Returning to the Saudi laws and regulations related to contracting contracts, we find that the regulation of the Saudi Contractors Authority issued by Cabinet Resolution No. 510/ for the year 1436 AH stipulates regulating the work of contractors and how to conclude contracts related to their work, including the authority’s preparation of model formulas for contracting contracts.

The contract is considered contracting, especially in the field of construction the most important contracts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to the huge urban development that the Kingdom is witnessing, so it is important for the owner of the real estate project to hire a contract drafting lawyer in Jeddah, an expert in drafting contracting contracts when he signs a contract with one of the contracting companies, and this is what Al Safwa Law Firm and Consultation provides Legal in the city of Jeddah, which includes a selection of lawyers experts in the drafting of contracting contracts.

Drafting sale, purchase and lease contracts

The most prevalent contracts in society are the contracts related to buying, selling and renting, and for this reason the laws have allocated special provisions for them, which are what are called the provisions of the so-called or common contracts.

And the sale or purchase contract: It is the contract concluded between two parties, one of whom is called the seller and the other the buyer, through which the ownership of a thing to be disposed of, physically and legally, is transferred from the seller to the buyer in return for a certain price for this thing paid by the buyer.

The sales contract must include the identification of the thing sold, its descriptions and price, the period required for its delivery, and the period required to pay the price.

As for the lease contract: it is a contract between two parties, one of whom is the lessor and the other is the lessee, according to which the lessee is enabled to use the leased property for a certain period of time in return for a specific fee that is paid by the lessee to the lessor.

In fact, these contracts, despite their popularity since ancient times, and the legislator’s setting up of many models for them, which have developed with the developments of society, are extremely dangerous as a result of the difference in the essence and spirit of each contract from the other, due to the change in the subject of the contract on the one hand and the economic and social developments on the other hand.

Therefore, if you are in Jeddah, and you want to conclude a sale, purchase or lease contract, and you feel that you need a contract drafting lawyer in Jeddah who is an expert in these contracts, Al Safwa Law Firm can provide full legal assistance in drafting these contracts in a tight and perfect manner.

Drafting partnership contracts

Partnership contracts do not mean the founding contract of the company between the partners in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Law. Rather, the partnership contracts here mean all contracts concluded between two parties who participate in the completion of a certain work or the conduct of a certain trade.

The partnership contract may be between two natural persons, or between two legal persons such as companies, or between a natural person and a legal person.

The partnership contract differs from the company’s articles of incorporation, as the companies’ articles of incorporation require registration in the companies’ registry and the resulting company declared with a specific name and type such as a partnership, partnership or joint-stock company.

Whereas in the partnership contract, the matter does not require the establishment of a company between its parties, rather they only share in the completion of the work or in the capital, and each of them must fulfill the conditions for carrying out the work that is the subject of the contract.

For example, if the partnership contract is between two people to provide engineering consultancy, then the two partners must be authorized to practice engineering work by obtaining the relevant scientific certificate and a certificate of practicing the profession from the competent professional syndicate.

The easiest partnership contracts are the contracts in commercial matters, and they take place when one of them provides capital to a merchant to invest in his trade and gives him a profit on that. Terms of doing business.

The partnership contract must include specific data:

The names of the two parties – the purpose of the partnership contract – the duration of the partnership – the distribution of profits and losses.

The partnership contract is one of the common contracts in our societies, and it is often requested and searched for those who write it and formulate it legally, so we advise any person residing in Jeddah and wishing to conduct a partnership contract to contact a contract drafting lawyer in Jeddah and you can request the services of Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultation, to provide you with assistance legally necessary to do so.

Other related services:

  • Drafting legal memos and warnings.
  • Drafting of the claim sheet/list.
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