The specializations of Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations include all legal jurisdictions recognized in the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in other words all cases and cases that are filed before the Saudi judiciary. Whatever your age, whatever your work and position, and wherever and whenever you are, you will need in one way or another the services provided by the law firm. Your right in court. We at Al-Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations launched these specializations out of our belief in specialization in the modern era. contemporary. In fact, the specializations of any law firm include three main specializations: Legal advice – legal drafting – judicial pleadings.

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Legal Drafting

Legal drafting comes as one of our most important specialties that distinguishes us from the rest of the law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Legal drafting is an art that many of those working in the legal field are not good at, as it avoids all parties from falling into legal problems. Clarity, simplicity and logical legal interpretation of legal articles and non-interpretation are the motto of our office in the formulation of any legal phrase. Our services provided in the field of legal drafting include the following: Drafting all forms of contracts of sale, supply, lease, maintenance and partnership. Drafting agreements of all kinds, such as agreements between companies, whether they are government or private companies or a joint sector. Drafting the objectionable regulations to be submitted to the courts. Drafting the claim statement while filing the case before the court, and the importance of correct legal drafting comes in that the claim sheet is considered the cornerstone in the emergence of the case.

Legal Pleadings

The judicial pleadings carried out by the Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations come at the forefront of the specialties that characterize the office, as the pleadings include all the arts of legal work from drafting a court and expressing an accurate opinion, as it includes the competencies of legal drafting and legal advice. Judicial pleadings require elaborate legal writing and accurate legal opinion to convince the judiciary of the client’s entitlement to his claims, or to pay unjust judicial claims on his behalf.

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