Legal advice

We provide legal advice with the highest standards of quality and professional commitment. You will get correct advice because of our extensive experience in Saudi regulations and our constant and continuous follow-up to all amendments that occur to the regulations and their implementing regulations.

Litigation and pleading before all courts of the Kingdom

A lawyer expert in pleading before all courts of the Kingdom of all levels and specializations shall plead.

Preparing and drafting contracts and agreements

Drafting contracts and agreements needs an expert lawyer who scrutinizes the details and loopholes, and this is what you will find with us

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Procedures

We carry out all procedures for bankruptcy and insolvency procedures for companies and traders


Attending trials

Attending investigation sessions in the police and public prosecution and trials before the judiciary


Registration of companies and trademarks

Registering your company or trademark requires a lawyer to follow the registration steps step by step

Legal consultancy contracts for companies

We offer customized corporate packages to suit the needs of each company


Protection of intellectual property and patents

We have great experience in protecting intellectual property and we have registered many intellectual property rights in the Kingdom

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