Legal drafting according to Saudi law

Legal drafting according to Saudi law is of great importance, as it plays an important role in legal work, whether it is related to the work of lawyers, judges or legislators themselves.

The legal text is often static in wording, that is, it is abstract and general so that the scope of its application expands to include the largest possible segment of the acts it governs.

A person who is not specialized in law needs many legal formulations in his life, profession and transactions, such as concluding a contract or agreement of any kind, writing a defense memorandum or objection list, or providing legal data about one of his business.

The elaborate legal drafting in accordance with the linguistic and legal controls of legal drafting plays an important role in the acquisition of rights, rather the acquisition of half rights.

For all of this, you will need a lawyer to provide you with legal drafting services, and the use of an expert lawyer in this is necessary.

You can contact Al-Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations to request legal drafting services according to the highest standards of quality and legal drafting principles.

The importance of hiring a lawyer for legal drafting

As we mentioned in the introduction, you will need in many of your life affairs to carry out legal actions such as contracts or agreements, or you need legal advice in some of your private affairs, business affairs or company, and you may need someone to formulate for you the lists of objection and defense memorandum necessary before the judiciary.

The importance of legal drafting in the contracts you conclude with others of any kind or importance, through the elaborate writing of the contract terms and the exchange of obligations between the two parties in a way that does not lead to the outbreak of conflict in the future about any clause or condition mentioned in the contract.

On the other hand, legal memoranda are drafted to be submitted to the judiciary, whether to claim the right of the plaintiff, to defend the rights of the defendant, or to object, appeal or cassate the judgments, the legal drafting is of a high degree of importance.

The smoothness of the wording, its robustness, the ease of its language, and its inclusion of the necessary legal supports in a simple and direct way, leads to the strengthening of the position of the person for whom it is presented, and makes the judge more comfortable to take these supports in issuing the judgment in favor of that person.

The same is true of providing legal advice, as vague and shaky legal advice may not help the person for whom it is submitted, especially if it has to be relied upon in the face of a governmental or regulatory agency, such as an advice that is provided on calculating taxes, or on filing violations imposed by the Ministry of Labor, Consultation with elaborate formulation leads to commendable results for those for whom it was presented.

According to the above, you need a lawyer who is expert in legal drafting who has a superior legal, linguistic and expressive ability, and this lawyer you will find at Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations.

We have a team of lawyers who are able to write all the necessary matters and affairs that require elaborate legal drafting.

Our services in legal drafting

The legal drafting service is one of the most important specialties of Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultation, as the office provides the best forms of legal drafting necessary in contracts, pleadings, memoranda or consultations.

Among the services it provides in the field of legal drafting, we mention the following:


The importance of drafting legal contracts is highlighted by clearly stating the obligations of both parties that leaves no room for conflict in the future, and it also makes it easier for the contractors to understand the legal language included in the contract.

In the work contract, for example, the lawyer focuses in the legal drafting of the contract on the statement of the rights of the worker in a way that does not allow the employer to cover those rights, and tries to adapt the rigid and abstract articles of the labor law and turn them into flexible texts in the terms and conditions of the contract.

It also guarantees the rights of the employer and does not allow the employee to cause damages to the company.

As for the partnership contract, the elaborate legal formulation plays an important role in clarifying the relationship between the partners with what they have and what they owe, and this matter would prolong the partnership without causing any disputes.

Whereas in the companies’ articles of incorporation, the tight legal formulation establishes the company on solid foundations.

The company’s articles of incorporation are the legal origin for many of the company’s obligations and rights towards others, and the obligations of the partners towards each other.

The lawsuit sheet

The basis on which the lawsuit is built is the statement of claim.

The plaintiff includes all his requests and legal support, so it is important that it is written in an accurate legal form.

Where all the facts must be clarified with a simple and easy legal explanation, and then the legal texts supporting the claim must be clarified.

Objection list

The importance of the legal drafting of the objectionable regulation lies in the fact that the drafting of the regulations and legal memoranda includes two parts, namely: The first part: Compliance with the legal procedures necessary for submitting the objectionable list, such as the period required to submit it, the entity to which the objection list is submitted, the number of the judgment deed, and how to register it.

The second part: the legal defenses that must be made in the objection list to set aside the judgment, which must not be less in wording than the formulations required when the claim was first presented in the claim statement.

Petition for reconsideration

A petition for reconsideration is one of the extraordinary methods of appealing judgments issued by the judiciary, as it comes after the judgment has been issued and becomes final and conclusive, that is, after the deadline for regular appeals such as objection and appeal has passed.

It comes through cases identified by law exclusively that cannot be measured, so the memorandum of petition for reconsideration is Its purpose is to challenge a final and stable court ruling, and here the role of the lawyer in overturning this ruling and returning the case to ground zero emerges.


After the emergence of many websites and as a result of the popularity of electronic commerce, and the increasing requirements for the protection of intellectual, commercial and industrial property, new legal systems have emerged regarding how to use these sites and the terms and conditions of that use.

In fact, this matter is considered very important for its modernity, rapid development and ease of use, so whoever concludes these agreements must be an artist in legal drafting, and this requires the presence of an expert lawyer who is well versed in these policies and conditions, and this is what you find at Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations.

Corporate bylaw

Work and corporate systems make it imperative for every startup or existing company to set up an internal system that regulates its work relationships, and defines responsibilities, tasks, and powers to make it easier to spot the fault in the event of problems in the company. Drafting the bylaw is one of the most difficult tasks in the field of legal drafting, because it requires the most difficult type of formulation, which is legislative drafting.

We assure you that Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultation has an integrated work team capable of setting the internal system of any company in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We also care about the smallest details related to the origins of the drafting of contracts, pleadings and legal memoranda.

to inquire about the services of drafting contracts and legal notes at Al Safwa Law Firm, you can contact the number: 0591813333 or through the e-mail: [email protected].


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