Privacy Policy

Al-Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultation takes into account any concerns that customers may have regarding the extent to which their data and personal information are preserved when they use the website of the office’s services

We will provide our valued customers with the privacy policy of our office to reassure them about the safety of using their personal data, which is as follows:

The information or data that is collected on our website is only intended to help us provide the required legal services in the best possible way.

The site guarantees to our dear customer that he will not obtain this data, collect it and save it, except after he agrees to that, and that this data includes, for example, but not limited to:

Registration data necessary to access our website and order services, such as the email address and customer contact number.

All information and data that results from the customer’s visit to our site, including, for example, the duration of that visit, what services he requested, or the publications he viewed.

All information and data resulting from requesting services, and obtaining them through our website.
Everything that the customer publishes on our website, or shares through our website.

The client’s personal data will be used only to the extent necessary and required to provide legal services, enable him to access the site, and obtain all services, including browsing, reading, publishing, participating, requesting consultations, and so on.

The sharing of this data by our site will be either internally with members of our work team, or externally by sharing it with the third party for the necessities of providing the necessary legal services in a better way.

We guarantee to the dear customer that the data that must be shared internally with the members of the team, whether they are lawyers, legal advisors, or technical officials of the site, that it will not be shared except with his consent, and that data will not be disclosed except to the extent necessary to enable our team to provide the necessary legal services.
Sharing it with the third party will be through the necessary links to provide services, as the site guarantees only trusted parties such as Google, as the third party is often a website that has its own privacy policy, and therefore our dear customer must review that policy, as it will not His data is shared with the third party without his consent.
We guarantee to our dear customer the ability to control and control his private data, which is considered highly confidential, and he only has the right to modify, update it, or allow it to be shared with others.

The site’s retention of such personal data will not be permanent, but rather limited to a certain period of time until the site’s services are provided, and no data will be kept except in relation to preserving the legal rights of the site.

We assure you, dear customer, that you will not be afraid of losing or misusing this data, if we guarantee the security of that data, by taking all necessary technical measures to preserve it through secure electronic storage, which is protected by a password and a firewall.

We must remind you, dear customer, that the transmission of such data via the Internet is not considered safe, of course, which means that we do not guarantee the security of this data when it is sent to us, and as for the data that we receive, we guarantee its security and preservation for you.

Our website, from time to time, amends or updates its privacy policy according to developments in information security, and therefore you must review any new updates to our privacy policy, and we will notify you of any amendments or updates via your e-mail, or via the contact number your.

In the end, I hope that you will read and delve into our privacy policy on our website, and if you have any questions, you can contact the office on the following numbers:

From inside Saudi Arabia, on the number: 0591813333
From outside Saudi Arabia, call: 00966591813333

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