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About Us

Al-Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations was established in the Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and since its establishment until now, specialized lawyers within the office have been seeking to raise its profile and highlight its name as one of the most important law firms in Jeddah in particular and at the level of the Kingdom in general.We have followed a specific approach by providing legal services honestly and objectively, taking any legal action, and providing any legal advice that would help the client regain his right and achieve his interests as guaranteed by the law and confirmed by the regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.We were also able to gain the trust of clients by placing the client at the center of the case and clarifying all procedures for him, in order to give him an objective view of the legal problem and his knowledge of the way it proceeded from its inception in writing the case statement until the issuance of the ruling on the case by the judge of the specialized court.In addition, the lawyer specialized in the field of the client’s case provides legal advice to him in a way that achieves his benefit, regardless of the type of advice, whether during the signing of a contract or when drafting a statement of claim or even in judicial proceedings, giving legal advice and clarifying all the options that he can follow and what is the solution Better.

Firm’s staff message

Realizing the greatness of the profession in which we work and the message entrusted to deliver it being the bearers of the banner of defending rights and supporting the oppressed as lawyers and legal advisors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have endeavored to establish Al-Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations, and we have worked hard to make it a station to provide the best legal services to everyone in need of help and advice from Men with experience and honesty in performing legal work.We started as any project that seeks to achieve a great goal and aims to create a business that we are proud of as people and that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is proud of, and we worked to provide the best services, expand the customer base and increase the spread in Jeddah first and then other cities within the Kingdom, where we aspire to open branches for our office there, to provide distinguished legal services and enable confidence in Each client has a right that he will meet with his right through Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations.Praise be to God, we were able to achieve a lot of what we sought for and gained the trust of clients who turn to us, whatever their need for us, which led to the achievement of wide fame for our office and our legal work.

Our message

Our mission is to provide our legal expertise and all the services we can to the various clients in the community within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether they are Saudis, Arabs or foreigners, and whatever their business and problems are, regardless of whether they are family issues, labor issues, penal issues, or even commercial and real estate problems.Certainly, we provide our legal services in terms of advice and advice to all clients, regardless of their characteristics, as we provide services to people as individuals who have special problems, or as representatives of institutions, companies and organizations that have other problems according to what is covered by the law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our mission

The mission of the specialized lawyers and consultants in our office is to provide specialized legal services based on their academic information and practical experience and within their legal specializations for each client who appoints us.So that he is given the possible solutions for his case and the best advice for his interests in case he needs advice from a legal point of view and spare him what we can from problems and losses, as we defend the rights of clients strongly as if we are defending our own rights and this is what made us their goal and refuge when they encounter any problem, and when they want to Obtaining honest legal advice that has no motive other than achieving the client’s goals and advocacy.

Our principles

To make our office one of the distinguished law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in view of the quality of its services and the efficiency of the lawyers belonging to it.Work within a conscious and fast work pace as possible without laziness or prolongation, due to our awareness of the importance of time in relation to legal issues and the client alike, and the necessity of correct action stemming from quick intuition and long-term experience.Support the client and stand on his side until the moment he obtains his rights in it, as we appreciate his resort to us and his dependence on us.Obtaining the satisfaction of all clients who obtained and benefited from our services, whether through the result they obtained or the treatment they received inside our office from lawyers and administrators. Obtaining the respect of clients, fellow competitors in the profession, and even the judges whom we represent before them in the courts, through our honest work, our respect for others, and our compliance with the laws and rights without fraud or forgery.

Our goals

Giving our clients various legal services according to their need, based on our mission and the values ​​through which we work in our office.Striving for our legal services to be of a high degree of excellence, using innovative methods and finding a way out for every problem we need to solve, regardless of the case and legal type to which it belongs.The client’s confidence that the information of his case is safe, as we are keen on the confidentiality of information related to clients and preserve them from any leakage or disclosure to preserve their secrets and personal interests. Our permanent commitment, regardless of the circumstances of our work, the people we face and the issues we face, with the ethics and principles of the legal profession.Consolidating the importance of the legal profession within the Saudi society, spreading the culture of resorting to a lawyer, not compromising what the lawyer can achieve and the assistance he can provide to change the client’s life by obtaining his various rights.Achieving the results we want for clients in the courts and reclaiming their rights, no matter how complex their problems are.The expansion of our client base and the duration of our spread within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the opening of a branch of Al Safwa Law Firm in every city in the Kingdom. Seeking to include the best lawyers, legal advisors and specialize in our work staff and train new graduates on legal work and gain distinctive experience.

Our services

Representing different clients, whether they are individuals, institutions or companies. Providing company incorporation and restructuring services as well as bankruptcy cases. Pleading on behalf of clients in the Saudi courts in various types of cases.Providing appropriate legal advice and advice for each individual case.Providing appropriate legal advice and advice for each corporate issue.Handle personal status issues such as divorce, inheritance, marriage and child custody.Take over labor issues. Take charge of administrative corruption cases. Take charge of commercial and real estate cases.

Contact Information:

Office phone: 00966126541504 Legal advice and customer service: 0096666595911136 Mobile: 00966583117973 E-mail: [email protected] Address: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street (Tahlia), Al Yamama Building – opposite Paris Gallery.   

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